Marble Edition

“Aesthetic expression without an idea is just pure casuality”

MATERICA is a Cultural Association founded in 2019 and it was born for the promotion and creation of design objects, through direct commissions, open calls, events and exhibitions.
MATERICA is based on a main topic, a single material for the production of an object, following several construction techniques and structural concepts. The material forms and dictates the invisible laws that architects and designer will follow. It is the only idea to follow in the creation of an object. Materia is the main actor of this event. It will be studied, modified and treated, showing the world its many faces.
Marianna Galbusera, Architect AAM, Co-Founder Materica
Gregorio Lioce, Architect AAM, Co-Founder Materica
Lajdi Sulaj, Architect AAM, Co-Founder Materica