Marble Edition

“Aesthetic expression without an idea is just pure casuality”

MATERICA is a Cultural Association founded in 2020 and it was born for the promotion and creation of design objects, through direct commissions, open calls, events and exhibitions.

The desire is to to study and analyze the materia asking architects and designers to develop an object, a sculpture or a piece of art using one single material. Young and affirmed figures will work following the same rules that a material dictates: each result will be a unique manifesto.

Every year a new material will be proposed, a new protagonist to deal with. Though the years, the aim is to create an archive of what the materials can do.
Marianna Galbusera, Architect AAM, Co-Founder Materica
Gregorio Lioce, Architect AAM, Co-Founder Materica
Lajdi Sulaj, Architect AAM, Co-Founder Materica